All Aboard: A Home Built Sailboat

Alan spent ten years building his boat on Vancouver Island, actually just across Morrison Creek from where we built our log house, in days that we didn’t know one another.  Built even from a tree he nurtured and protected.  Once the boat was water-worthy he took another two years to complete the inside.  He didn’t care about fine craftsmanship–this wasn’t intended to be for showmanship.



 It was for sailing.

Like seeing a shiny 4×4 Jeep decked out in prime condition but no signs of it ever being used off road.  What a waste.

Alan built his boat to be like the 4×4 with mud caked on the flaps and illegible license–use it for fun not fashion.

Alan has built his boat with simplicity, to get himself out on the water, to travel the world.  As a tugboat operator and owner he has lots of marine experience.  He fell in love with the idea of sailing when he was 14 years old, spotting a sailboat in a magazine.

 He’s never looked back.

He wouldn’t let unnecessary bells and whistles sidetrack him from his goal of one day sailing to Australia….although his first boat wouldn’t float.  His current plans are to spend a year here on the Sea of Cortez, then next spring sail the Pacific Islands to Australia and sail around Aussie-land for a year or two.  Then who-knows-what.

He keeps his eye on the mark.

Alan anchored here at Los Frailes back in January anticipating staying for a couple of days.  Like other sailors he took refuge in this bay (up to 13 other boats were anchored here) at the same time we were trying to stay out of the wind at Agua Caliente in the hills.

A month later we’re both still here although Alan figures he’ll pull out either later today or in the morning, heading to La Paz to rondevouz with his brothers and sail norther Sea of Cortez for 3 weeks.

After his brothers visit he’s invited us to meet up with him somewhere around La Paz where at least Mitchell, if not the entire family can sail with him out to some of the islands of the area where the winds are predictable.

Captian Mitchell

Captian Mitchell

But for now six family members got an introduction to his boat via a Zodiak ride.  And Mitchell has been dreamy-eyed ever since.  With all the boats he’s built since he was eight years old Mitchell was completely familiar with the kind of rigging on Alan’s boat. Some of the rigging was identical to what Mitchell put on the last boat he built before leaving Canada.

Mitchell & Everette were most impressed with the simplicity of Alan’s design and finishings and the lack of a lot of electrical stuff.  There wouldn’t be a lot to fix and maintain.

Beauty in Simplicity



a long ways up there

a long ways up there



2013-02-16 03.27.00

Man over-board???

Man over-board???

Now Alan has dropped off a book for Mitchell to read and I think we’ve lost our son to sailing now for sure!!  No other life will do.  The wheels are turning in his mind.

6 thoughts on “All Aboard: A Home Built Sailboat

  1. I have enjoyed your posts since Lyn and Kwi Johnson introduced me to them. I hike with Kwi when she is not off traveling. Your posts remind me of a homeschool group called No Greater Joy. Have you ever heard of them. They have a wonderful website and have been doing the homeschooling for generations.

    • Nice to have you join us, Lila. Yes, I’ve heard of NGJ. Kwi is quite the amazing person, and hard to keep up with physically…..I’d dream to be fit like her at her age, though not likely if I don’t get my butt off the beach!

  2. Well you have officially won out,with all these pictures the children having been seeing of your dc. Most have decided that maybe going to Mexico would be more fun than Disneyworld. Lol

    • Honestly, unbiased opinion 😉 Mexico hands down. The whales including calves have been absolutely amazing, awe-inspiring. Poor Chelle had to listen to her overly excited mother as we saw a calf breeching over and over right in our bay. Magical…….We would make room for you!

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