Valentine’s and Good Years

In retrospect we wouldn’t have gotten married on Valentine’s Day but 27 years ago it made sense with my chosen colour scheme — Red.  We’ve since discovered how difficult it is to plan an impromptu dinner out without reservations, and because most of our children are born within days or weeks of our Anniversary we never were quite sure if we would be up to or even able to go out for our Anniversary.

Not that it’s really important.

I remember many many moons ago while visiting a friend, Florence mentioned that her husband never remembered her Birthday.  I asked, “Doesn’t that hurt?”  She said that the first few years it did hurt, but  then she realized that for a lot of couples their birthday or anniversary might be one of the few days in the year that their spouse actually treated them special.  She said, “My husband treats me well every day of the heart.  So it’s no big deal if he forgets my birthday.”

I’ve always recalled Flo’s words thru the years when significant days didn’t turn out “special”.  Everette and I are very blessed to have made it thus far, still friends and lovers, and creating more dreams yet for our futures.

This anniversary we did Get Away…..afterall, we are in Mexico…..with 7 of our children!

This lady from camp came buy with chocolates for each of us, wishing us a Happy Valentine's Day

This lady from camp came buy with chocolates for each of us, wishing us a Happy Valentine’s Day

But Everette and I did steal away from camp for part of the day.  Living in a camp community where all the retirees adore our children it was easy to leave the capable teens in charge and know that there would be endless help if any kind of emergency arose.  So, confidently Everette and I headed into Los Barriles for lunch, coffee with dessert, and (romantic) errands….laundry, water/ice, groceries and a browse thru Suzie’s Seconds.

Coffee and dessert

Coffee and dessert

The drive gave us hours for connection time without interruptions or attention-seekers.  We enjoyed our time together.  But like always we also anxiously anticipate the fanfare Welcome Home we always get.

Happy Valentine’s

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