Balance Required

Mitchell was invited to try out paddle boarding this morning with Tim, a retired fellow from Colorado.  They were gone for a few hours, practiced paddling in the bay for quite a while before adventuring out around the point to the sea lion colony and The Monks rock where we’d been in the Zodiak with Ray.  ( I looked for the post about that trip but didn’t find it.  What else am I missing?)  They watched whales in the distance, spotted a sunken anchor they are considering trying to retrieve, and saw a large manta ray.

Most of the children had a Crafts date with Janie again, prepping for a party Tuesday night, so when Mitchell invited Dad or I to go paddle boarding after lunch I jumped at the opportunity.  We donned our wet suits & paddles and headed to the beach where the boards were waiting for us.  A couple of instructions from Tim and we were off, with my master instructor Mitchell!

My legs wobbled as I got myself up off of my knees, balancing on moving water.  I tried to look off in the distance more than just around the board.  I kept my knees bent, my feet a good distance apart, stepping on the outside of my foot rather than the inside causing my arches to soon cramp up.  The board swayed from side to side, zig zagging thru the water until I picked up some speed and we went somewhat straighter.

We didn’t practice in the bay, we headed straight for the far end of the beach where the rocks are, where the coral reef and the magnificent fish are.  We pointed our boards for the sea colony and on the way we snuck up on a tortuga (turtle) before it spied us and dove away.  I could hear the sea lions long before I could see them, and then their fish breathe permeated the sea air.  A male climbed aboard the rocks and barked his commands while the females snapped back or ignored him.  Some were sunning their flippers in the water.  A mama and her pup played in front of us.

Suddenly, motion sickness hit me out of nowhere.  Not sure if the motion on the sea was aggravated by the fact that I had come without my prescription glasses, but it required me to lay down and dangle my feet in the water, hoping no creatures would come for a nibble.

We slowly made our way back around the point into the bay with perfect timing to see  cow and calf ballenas (whale) maybe 400 feet away from us.




(Sorry there’s no pictures.  We are hoping to get an underwater camera for the family soon.  If you have opinions, good and bad, about particular ones, or things you think we should look out for please let us know.  We’ve never had one though Rauchelle did and it certainly wasn’t a winner!)


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