5 de Febrero

Street sign in La Paz

Street sign in La Paz

My Birthday for the previous 47 years was never spent on the beach, under a blue sky with my bathing suit on getting a burn.  That’s what happens for us winter-born babies.

Here on the Baja……this has been my favourite birthday so far, that I can remember.

I can handle this.

I love this!

Yesterday we went to town for Not Sushi.  Everette offered to take me today but I opted out of it.  It’s a little over an hour driving on a windy road, half of which is rough dirt road.  I’d rather lay at the beach, thank you very much.  So we went to a beach a few miles away, Arbolites or something like that.  These beaches (along with where we are camped) are part of the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park full of wildlife and beauty.


rocky shore

It was windy and not the greatest day for snorkelling as we found out after arriving and attempting to swim at Mermaid Beach.  The family ended up picnicking near the parking lot. Smashed tempered glass glittered aqua blue in the sand.  There have been quite a few vehicle break-ins here.  It’s believed that a sole person is targeting rental vehicles.

crest jumping

A tall fellow inflates his paddle board and takes it out on its maiden voyage.  Dumped into the sea James loses his hat but mounts the board again.  Anders jumps in the waters to retrieve the hat and gives it to a lady James is here with.  After the second dump in quick succession James returns to his friends awaiting on the beach.

A few minutes later James approaches our family, inquiring as to who it was that retrieved his hat for him.  Anders beams with pleasure.  James thanks him, then offers his inflatable paddle board for our family to use for the rest of the day.  He figures he’d rather snorkel today.

Excitedly the kids jump on the board with kayak paddles in hand.  And the afternoon slips away mounting crests and riding the waves into shore.  What a great way to spend a February day.



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