No Sushi & No-Bake: Making Compromises

Few things send us to town right away.  Running out of drinking water is one of them.

So today we headed in, packed all the kids in the van so as a family we could celebrate my birthday (it’s tomorrow) by getting sushi.  But one must always hold their plans lightly, willing to change at a moments notice.

We were unaware until we pulled up for sushi for lunch that……they are closed on Mondays.  Other stores one might want to patronize are only open until noon or 1pm.  Some are closed in the afternoons for siesta.  Its a bit of Hit And Miss.  And today turned out to be Constiticion Day so more misses than hits.

I had planned to get a box of ice cream for a birthday dessert, but the 4 flavours of ice cream available were unappealing to me (although the kids were game).  I scoured the shelves looking for something to suit my fancy.  One ‘fresh’ cake.  Frozen cakes like Sara Lee.  Boxes of cookies.  Nada.

We piled the groceries in the buggy and I kept looking.  Then I saw a box of No Bake Cheesecake….it isn’t anything like my traditional baked cheesecakes, but I admit that sometimes our standards drastically drop when traveling.  They have to for sanity sake.  So I bought 2 boxes, 2 already made graham wafer crusts in pie pans, and a litre of milk.  And out in the parking lot under the Mexican sun I put together my birthday cakes.



The (manual) Blender

The (manual) Blender

Shake shake shake away Everette and I assembled the cakes/pies.  We poured them in the pie shells and settled them into our cooler,  held into position with oranges & apples.  I hoped they would set relatively level, what with all the curves, speed bumps, pot holes and dirt roads we have to manuever to get home.

stacked in the cooler

stacked in the cooler

Our dessert never waited til we got home.  We were hungry since we hadn’t really filled up on a meal at lunchtime re: no sushi.  So we found a nice beach at La Ribera where we dove into the cheesecakes and then filled up with plums, apples, oranges, yogurt and granola.  Birthday supper on the beach.

Anders flipped out

Laars making a sand-angel

Laars making a sand-angel

Maret Toveli


Appetizers on the Beach before we head to the (closed) Sushi Bar

Appetizers on the Beach before we head to the (closed) Sushi Bar for Lunch


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