Three Teens at Once

We made it through the years with 2 teenagers in the house and those girls have both become lovely women we are proud of.  We enjoy them both as good friends and miss them terribly.

But today we’ve begun another new experience……..having 3 teenagers at the same time.

Maret turned 13 years old today.  Living on the beach (vs in town) means there wasn’t a whole lot of planning put into Maret’s birthday celebration.  She got what ‘materialized’ via the vendor truck and offers, but I think she’d agree that she had a great time celebrating her birthday.  Tamales, Oreo Cheesecake (of a sort), snorkeling, a Zodiak ride to a sea lion colony (& spotted humpbacks), sunshine (but not too hot),’ Swiss Girl’ socks (thanks to Brigette & Kacpar, make-your-own dessert tortillas,  and almost all her family.

MC snorkeling

make your own dessert tortillasmake your own dessert tortillas

even Mom swimmingeven Mom swimming


majestic rocksmajestic rocks

impromptu cheesecakeimpromptu cheesecake

angel candleangel candle goes everywhere with us


MC sketchingMC sketching

5 thoughts on “Three Teens at Once

    • You’re right, gotta keep that angel. And we have our Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas banner too which I’m glad I snuck in. We’ve added a colourful Mexican tablecloth to the decorations, helps make it all seem celebratory.

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