Friday Finds: The Beginnings of Recycling

Instead of playing “Horses” while driving we could play “Bags in the Tree” and get points for various colours of plastic grocery bags flapping in the wind.

Garbage is virtually everywhere here in Mexico.   Disposable diapers, plastics of every kind, broken bottles, tires.  Fields of it can rise out of nowhere.  Garbage dumps materialize just around the bend.  We’ve seen people cleaning out their pangs by dumping everything over the side into the ocean.  (I recall similar behaviour in Belize).

So when we arrived in the Los Frailes area we were excited to see something different…..the hopes for change.



Tidy and Clean

Tidy and Clean

A small start but nonetheless a start.

One thought on “Friday Finds: The Beginnings of Recycling

  1. HAHAHA! We tried playing “horses” in Scotland, but then Jen Miller changed it to sheep. But there were too many of them… I started counting “bags in a tree!” There’s something very satisfying in saying that phrase…I was tempted to call it out even when there weren’t any! But all the ones I saw were white. Guess it’s a little different in Mexico. =)

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