The Zoo & Los Frailes

We ended up with conflicting approaches to get us to Los Frailes, people telling us to take different routes, and it was dark already so we decided it was best to head back to what we knew…..Agua Caliente and the hot springs, pulling in well after dark.  But before reaching there this route took us past a monument for the Tropic of Cancer.  Yes, we’ve been hanging out in the Tropics legitimately now.

Tropic of Cancdr

Our one night stay became two…..the days seem to be like that, too, some plans that get reshaped as the day progresses.

We met a wonderful couple from Switzerland, Kacpar and Brigitte, who have been traveling the Americas I think for about 5 years, but they fly back and forth to home while leaving their Man machine in the west.

Man machine owners Kacpar & Bridgette

We made a stop on our way out to visit the local zoo, fee entrance by donation.

zoo sign

We rarely go to zoos as it never sits well with us: the animals in cages, particularly the ones that pace back and forth like they are going out of their minds.  We so rarely go that as we were emptying out of the van most of the children were commenting “We’ve never been to a zoo before!”  Well, we had visited the Shubenackedi  Animal Reserve in Nova Scotia years ago but most of them don’t remember that.

The kids found it amazing to see these animals.  Many are ‘local’ and we might be able to see them in the wild on our extended travels which would be fascinating but unnerving

2 snakes and a lizard

2 snakes and a lizard

Emu resting

Emu resting



…. I was particularly fascinated watching the python contract and move its heavy body.  I’d have panic attack if I saw that creature in the wild me thinks!



It’s always a drag for the kids when we have to go into town and get supplies.  It takes longer than their supply of patience, particularly if its hot (and we ain’t seen Hot yet!) and they are grouchy.  Today, the extended version of Lord of the Rings came in handy while I took care of laundry and business on the internet while Everette got groceries and water.  Doing our family ‘chores’ takes on a whole different flavour these days, and greater measures of patience are in demand.

We headed out to find our way to Las Frailes in the afternoon.

first view

After checking out a few different beaches, talking to campers, humming and hawing about where would be best to camp Everette backed into an almost perfect spot for us.  We were told that a nearby tent would be vacated in the morning and uprooted tomorrow night so then we could have more space.   We were encouraged to stay “the longer the better!”

Almost finished setting up camp a Chinook camperized van pulls right up to the front of the van.  A pony-tailed fellow slowly approaches, I hear him asking the kids if this is their van.  While Everette has his head buried deep in the back of the van looking for tent poles because Danaka has decided she’d like to set up a pup tent, I venture out to see what’s up with this inquisitive man.  Mild-natured Chris informs us that he and his wife had only gone to town to do laundry and that they had been happily camping in this spot where we have now taken over.  Oops!  His neighbours obviously hadn’t been aware that they were returning since they had never mentioned it to Everette during his investigation to appropriate and available camping spots.

Thankfully Chris and Patricia are easy to get along with.  Gentle-spirited, light travellers they just have their camper van, set out a couple of chairs, their kayak, and that’s their footprint.  Ours is much bigger that’s for sure.  They let us continue to ‘move in’ and we’ll figure out a more permanent arrangement in the morning once this other tent is moved out.


our campfire

our campfire

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