Over the Tops

Our tents open up over the protective dunes and shrubs

tree top tents

so we can see the vibrant orange sky in the east silhouetting reed outhouses on a dune and the distant Canadian sailboats in the bay.  While its been so windy on the Baja & we’ve been trying to find shelter in the mountains, as many as a dozen boats harboured here for protection.  I hear that all but 3 of them pulled out anchor yesterday.  We see our beloved Canadian flag flying from the 2 on the left.  We are told that one of them is Alan from Parksville, who built his own boat.  We unfortunately don’t meet any of the sailers.  One of the Cdn’s pulls out while we are on our morning beach walk.

gorgeous sunrise 2

Everette, Laars and I decide to go for a walk before sunrise and are surprised to find that Mitchell’s been at the beach already for more than an hour, talking with a kayaker.  Anders joins us and suddenly we are all amazed watching manta rays jumping about 5-6 feet out of the water!  They leap, twirl their bodies in the air and splash back into the sea with a Slap!  Amazing!!!

The fishermen are heading out with their pangas for the big catch.  They push, pull and shove those boats out to the waters edge.  We watch in fascination and amusement.


We walk along the soft sand, splashing in the warm waves that crash on the shore.  Everette looks down and asks Laars “Where are your shoes?”  Panic strikes our 5 year old…..he left them on the beach way back where we were watching the fisherman.  Those plastic crocs won’t withstand much of a wave before floating out to sea.  But Mitchell spies a dark lump in the wet sand and runs towards it.  Luckily its one of Laars’ shoes. …the other one is on dry sand.  Our relieved boy has hopefully learned a lesson about his shoes at the beach.  Or maybe not.  Time will tell.

About a mile along the beach we decide to turn towards home.  We have noticed an absence of shells (there’s so few), the presence of red rocks, little clear jellyfish washed ashore, a school of fish that make the water ‘boil’ at the bend in the bay.  The pieces of broken coral that we find on the beach is white…….previously its been darker.  I wonder if that’s because this area is the only live coral reef in Mexico?

Breakfast is handled by our children…..french toast.  I sit in the van with Anders working on some reading.  Everette chit chats with neighbours.  Chris pops over to investigate ‘getting breakfast for 9″ and says, “You have an amazing family!”  I need to remember that.  I have been bitchy and not enjoying my family very much these last few days.  I tire of the mess created, the lack of putting things in their proper places, the sand everywhere.  Nobody seems to listen to instructions.  They forget.  They are lazy.  They don’t care.  Thanks for the reminder, Chris, because I do have an amazing family.  Sometimes I just get stuck in a funk.  And the reality is, the family probably isn’t enjoying ‘Mom’ very much in moments like these, either.


What happens when you go to bed with damp hair

What happens when you go to bed with damp hair

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