Friday Finds: Ant Lion

Thanks to Jeanne & Mike (whom we spent about a week with at Playa Escondida just before Christmas, and we delightfully stumbled upon them camping here at the hot springs) we have been introduced to a small creature that we would likely have never discovered on our own, and which has given Laars and Anders countless hours of entertainment.

Let me introduce the Ant Lion.  Supposedly Mike grew up with them in Florida, but they are totally new to the rest of us.

Ant Lion

Ant Lion

The Ant Lion is the colour of the sand, great for camoflouge.  They build an inverted cone-shape trap in the sand, quite noticeable to us once we knew what to look for.  But not well marked out for the unsuspecting ants.


Ants stumble into these traps and have a difficult time manuevouring back up the sides of them.  Hidden at the bottom is the lion ready to devour them.

We haven’t seen an ant fall in……we’ve made the ant fall in.  Over and over again.

Call us morbid.  Inhumane.  But this is nature and we are just helping her (the ant lion).  I’m aware that we are being mean to the ants, but hey, they keep biting us and invading our campsite so I think we’ll call us Even.

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