Agua Caliente

The wind didn’t let up so we gave in and headed for the hills.  We managed to find the Agua Caliente hot springs, a decent campsite that’s only $100 pesos (about $8) a night.  We are camped amongst the trees and small boulders, with pretty fancy pit toilets that even come with laminated instructions of proper procedures for using them and a good supply of ash to scoop over your deposits.  Absolutely not kidding!!

Kids just start to swim in the ‘lakes’ created by a small dam but clear the waters quickly when Danaka spots “a snake or a lizard” then go on snake-watch from the cement walls above the waters.  We positively spot 4 different snakes in the water and swimming is forever caboshed…..except for Anders.  And the prize he gets for swimming…..

Anders sees Orion's Belt in his duck mites spots

Anders sees Orion’s Belt in his duck mites spots

somebody identifies them as duck mites.

The family takes different excursions up the canyon


The hot springs are developed, but little.  However, it is with great pleasure we use them daily.  Climbing into bed relatively clean is such a treat these days.  We might come back up here sometime later as we explore more of the cape.  But we are leaving on Friday to head to La Vantana for Burning Bush on Saturday night.

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