San Carlos to La Paz

It was funny how we got to spending the weekend here:


in San Carlos.  We rolled into town with strong winds and cold (for here) so town was quiet of tourists, not what this little community is looking for  when the whale season is really only Jan through March. The ballenas aren’t right up in the bay yet, they are still checking in and out of the bay.  The mamas come and go checking out the safety of the bay before they come in to stay and give birth.  The mouth of the bay is 18 miles away.  The pangas get busy when the whales are calving right up in the bay closer to town.  The season is just starting but already on hold with the strong winds.

There are some real Go-Getters.  Like Carlos.  We were slowly driving through town, not sure where to go or what we were looking for except somewhere to bunk down for the approaching evening.  Everette pulled to the side of the road and almost magically Carlos materialized right beside us, waving his two hands to show he wasn’t a threat (no weapons).  I put down my window and in almost perfect English he asked if he could help us, wondering what we were looking for.  I said we wanted a place to camp, preferably for free.  He said he had just the place for us just down the street, right out on the beach.  Free……but maybe we would consider buying coffee.  Ah, they have a restaurant.  We went to check it out.

True, there was camping overlooking the beach.  We could park on their cement patio.  But talk about wind!!!

Right beside us was the beautiful orange cabana pictured above.  We inquired……and decided to splurge for the night (turned into 2) to get out of the wind.  Carlos bent over backwards for us, making us comfortable, moving an extra single bed into the cabana for us.  Most of the kids ended up bunking on the floor like a huge pajama party.

We enjoyed our stay in this cabana although no insulation, single pane windows and an open ceiling above the shower left us cold.  Glad we had hot water for washing and showering.

I took Everette for birthday coffee and breakfast next door where we met Fito the owner of here, Villas Mar y Arena.  He started his business by doing whale-watching charters and fishing, then started developing this property, and being congressman a few years back.  He was thankful for Vicente Fox, and more so for Calderon, and we’ll see how the new president pans out.

If you come to San Carlos, Villas Mar y Arena is a pleasant place to stay.  You can contact Carlos, friendly and a hustler but by no means overbearing, at 01152.613.113.3290 or


When he discovered it was Ev’s birthday he said, “Ah, Tequila!!!” and went and got Everette a shot of Tequila to start his day (that was even before we ate breaky).


We went for a drive to see the area in slim hopes of spotting a whale, but it was short lived as Gaelyn whoofed her yoghurt in the back seat so we headed back to clean a pile of things.  While I emptied and cleaned the van, Everette put his swim shorts on and did the laundry in the shower.  Happy Birthday, Hon!


We’ve discovered that many people here own 2 vehicles.  One is for the streets, one for the ocean.  They drive their vehicles right into the ocean to launch or pick up their boats.  Some of them look like this truck….the one on the right!

We spent a good portion of the weekend inside rather than eating sand.  We had internet so we had a hilarious evening with our great friends the O’s laughing our heads off.  We also were able to talk with both our left-behind girls, Layne and Rauchelle (& got to see our granddaughter on Skype, yahoo!  Love you, Marin!)  We played Wildcraft and Dutch Blitz  and British Rails, watched videos, did math work pages and Brain Pop, practised some Espanol, caught up with spreadsheets and emails and banking and Googling.  Well, maybe not caught up, but got a good chunk of business stuff done.  Was a nice change.

Kazillion  Marbled Godwit birds

Kazillion Marbled Godwit birds

Lobsters, crabs, clams, etc in the tank at the restaurant.

Lobsters, crabs, clams, etc in the tank at the restaurant.

It is Domingo (Sunday) and sunny, much calmer today, but still on the cool side.  Yes, I know its much colder in Canada as my friends have reminded me on Facebook, but come on, this is the Baja, I’m looking for warmth.  So we are currently heading south of Cuidad Constitucion headed for La Paz.  As with all our other days, we have a plan but its very loose and can easily change depending on what we find.  So La Paz might be this afternoon, or tomorrow, or sometime next week.

Stay tune to see where we end up.


sunset from the cabana porch


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