Friday Finds: Down to the Bare Bones

Going to try and start a Friday Finds, a weekly post on things we’ve learned, discovered or otherwise found.


We found this skeleton of a Ballenas (ba YEE nus) and dedicate it to our Vancouver Island friends, who often look out to Ballenas Island and mispronounce it!!!  We discovered that ballenas is Spanish for ‘whale’.

Ballenas skeleton

Ballenas skeleton

Something else I discovered this week is which family members are willing to strip down and have a shower in a waterfall.  Down to the bare butt.  Let me say, in this one event the males in our family far out did the females.

A tad cold but it felt wonderful.

4 thoughts on “Friday Finds: Down to the Bare Bones

    • I didn’t either……then I discovered ballenas isn’t a type of whale, it means whale. Had to come all the way to Baja for me to learn that, and how to pronounce it correctly.

      PS Had to update the post after I got educated more 😉

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