Trying to Leave Mulege

After 3.5 weeks free camping at Playa Escondida we decided to move on.  But before Wednesday’s sunrise we saw hundreds of dolphins in the bay so six of us jumped into kayaks and headed out on the water.  We never got close to the dolphins but we did make a trip to Dead Dog Island, the first for many of us.  By the time we got back to the beach it was 9:30 and Yolande our favourite tamale lady was waiting for us.  She had been by early but Mitchell told her that we were leaving for Loreto this day so she decided to come back later.  As I paddled to the shore I recognized the white pickup and decided that if she had waited all this while for us I couldn’t not buy tamales from her!  We got empanadas, too!  Our favourite breakfast now, and a fond memory of beach life on the Baja.

family plus

We finished packing, headed over to our friends at Posada to drop off the final borrowed items, and time ticked on and on.  Pizza was fresh out of the oven over at Lucy’s (bakery/restaurant) so we claimed it for the family before some of us headed into town after we decided we wouldn’t be heading to Loreto until Mañana!!  We’re getting into the Mexican Jive of things!

We left some of the kids to hang out at Posada for the afternoon while the bulk of us went into Mulege to get wet suits and flippers at the second-hand store, groceries and water.  On our way out of town we took a quick side tour to the Mision.

Anders prays in a 'window'

Anders prays in a ‘window’

A lookout by the Mision

A lookout by the Mision

finding warmth in the mission walls

finding warmth in the mission walls

Mision de Santa Barbara de Mulege

Mision de Santa Barbara de Mulege

We pulled into Playa Ecomundo which is at the south end of the beach shared with Posada….but there is no longer anything at Ecomundo except flat open space riddled with broken glass, some dilapidated buildings from a hurricane, and a beautiful view of the bay with sailboats and other water vessels.

We got an early start on Thursday morning heading to Loreto where we parked and walked the cobble streets and viewed the mission. Never seen a church with fans on each bench!

Cabeza y madre de las Missiones de Baja y Alta California

inside church

Leaving town we met a Polish couple (immigrated to Canada 25 yrs ago) from White Rock, the town where I graduated from high school, where Everette and I wed, and where our eldest 2 daughters were born.  George & Barbara showed us to a free camping spot for the night where we were able to fill up our water jugs and get our van sorta washed.

van wash

Many of us climbed up the canyon for a later afternoon walk and a refreshing shower in the waterfall.







This area has hundreds of butterflies.

Tov w butterfly


@ Posada

view from kitchen Posada

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