Thousand’s More

I find it hard to believe that I’ve already reached the One Thousandth post on this blog.  When I started blogging years ago @  (Jeesh, I don’t even remember what my first blog was called but I think it journaled our family’s first trip across Canada in 2007) and continued with Be Encouraged which I moved (some posts) over to here, I never would have imagined that I would be posting from the Baja and eventually from beyond North America’s borders.

The journey of a lifetime began with the first step, and my blogging began with the first post.  Over the years I have blogged about family life, homeschooling, birthing, health and almost everything under the sun (thus the acrobatics of my thoughts– flipping from one thing to another) these days it is morphing more into the daily life of a big family on the road.

I have never claimed to be a writer, but I enjoy the creativity of putting words and photos together, and accomplishing something similar to journaling & scrapbooking all rolled into one without the huge expense & space.  I blog for myself and my family.

Those that we have met on our newest adventure have been a blessing to meet and to share life with around a campfire for a night or for a couple of weeks.  You have truly enriched our lives.

It is for you that I continue to share publicly.

Here’s to 1,000’s more!!!


Al's boat

4 thoughts on “Thousand’s More

  1. Congratulation Girlfriend on your one thousand posts! I am glad you share so I can stay in touch. Wow view from your kitchen.
    Big hugs and fudge galore sent your way.

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