Mama Mia

I love watching Mama Mia singing along with all the Abba songs I new from my teen years.  These days I keep here Laars singing “Money Money Money” the best he can repeat the lyrics (which is very lacking).


Anders asked me one day if he could do the ‘penguin dance’ from Mama Mia and I said, “Of course, but can I video tape it?”  So this is what he did, complaining that there wasn’t a wharf to jump off of.  But he managed his own rendition of it……..



Our van is always part of the kitchen area as it is like kitchen cupboards!  We found this big fellow on our license plate at breakfast time.

6 thoughts on “Mama Mia

  1. Yeah for Anders, such style. Tell Danika belated Happy Birthday from the O’s. You are all starting to look a little brown around the edges, lol. Miss you!

    • We aren’t over baked at all, believe me. So good to see tans starting on the rest of the kids who usually hid from the sun. Tov tanned up quick and beautiful, as did Anders. Mitch looks like a California surfer for sure, now.

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