The 28th & a Hammock

Today marks Two Months on the Road for us, and our first granddaughter is 4 months old today.  Yahoo for you, Marin, and Yahoo for us, too!!

We used to own a big family-size hammock back in the days we lived near Qualicum Bay.  When building our house Everette actually put blocking in the walls so we could hang our hammock up in the living room and view the ocean from there.  It was sooo comfy when I was heavy with child though somewhat difficult to get back out of again….. and certainly not gracefully!!

It is long gone, we don’t actually remember when or where it went but probably found a new home when we went to Cape Breton the first time.  The subject had come up multiple times since we hit the road, so……

A vendor arrived in our camp a few days before Christmas and while Everette was in town buying up snorkelling gear I was purchasing a brightly coloured celebratory tablecloth and a single cotton hammock to hang under a palapa.


Maret sleeping the night away

Maret sleeping the night away

hammock w MC



MW & Mom in kitchen


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