Sweet Sixteen

Ready or not it came.  Danaka was not looking forward to turning sixteen.  For some reason she actually was fearful of it.  But it came, nevertheless.Karen, Dan & Anders

On my 16th Birthday I woke up with a high fever and a painful throat.  I had an enlarged liver, sores on the outside of my lungs that made breathing uncomfortable.  My doctor confirmed mononucleosis and it was actually something (blood infection of some sort) that plagued me until I was 24 years old.

Danaka’s 16th has turned out much much better.  happy

A full day, she had:


a solitude sun-rise kayak jaunt;sunrise kayaking

“Happy Birthday” sung to her in German, Spanish and Dutch;

Decorative Snow in a Can;

pancake breakfast;

fun at the beach(es);

fresh flounder pescados (fish tacos) with fresh guacamole/salsa/beans @ Lucy’s Bakery & Cafe;

chocolate swirled cheesecake with choco-whip;

a taste of Meralyn’s chocolate wine on the rocks;


snorkelled to her hearts delight (or she got too cold);

watched Finding Neverland;

time by the campfire with neighbours.;

collection of fresh flowers.


What was missing?

her big sisters (& Marin and Seth) ;

her friends;


That brought sadness, but otherwise she seemed to have had a great birthday.

Congratulations, Danaka, on turning 16.  You’re a survivor!!!




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