Merry Christmas

We have been parked at Playa Escondida, a hidden beach, for more than a week and will be here at least until the New Year.  We have no cell nor wifi so that explains why I haven’t had any posts for awhile.  I know people are curious, and asking about our safety.  We are truly having the time of our life.

Our beach is just a short jaunt over to our friends house and they are in a small beach community.  They take Everette to town for drinking water and groceries, but we also have vendors drive out to our beach to sell tamales, seafoods, produce, blankets etc.  So we can get all we need.

I will try and post some blogs occasionally, but our friends internet is satellite so it doesn’ work with cloudy skies which we’ve had our fair share of recently.  Can’t upload pics.  Sorry.

Sunshine is all I asked for though, absolutely beautiful.

We wish all our friends and family a wonderful day and incredible upcoming year.  Count your blessings.  You probably have way more of them than you realize.

Addition to Merry Christmas:


Everette ended up inviting the 3 new couples in ‘the neighbourhood’ (and their dogs)


Bill & Alex

Bill & Alex

Elsabet & Rodney

Elsabet & Rodney 



for an impromptu Christmas supper


Christmas table

we cooked on the campfire at our place and spent the evening telling jokes,


Allison & Mike with Anders

Allison & Mike with Anders


sharing stories & dreams and food.  It wasn’t Turkey Dinner but nevertheless it was Fantastic.




roasted potatoes, carrots & onions

mashed yams with brown sugar and butter

bread stuffing

prawns in garlic, onions and lime

prawns with peppers marinated in lime, orange juice, and garlic, bbq’d & wrapped in tortillas



steamed white fish (of unknown type)

mint-chocolate fudge

date cookies

sugar cookies

vanilla biscuits with Hershey’s chocolate sauce drizzled on top.


Certainly a most memorable Christmas for our family.



Already wondering “Where will we be next Christmas?”  Hmmmmm.





5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Everyrhing sounds sooo wonderful so I’m really looking forward to the pictures.
    Miss you guys. Will be going to Cottonwood Thursday to spend some time with Lynn and Kwi. Looking forward to that, too.
    Take care.

    • Miss you too, and the man Trouble. Say Hi to Johnsons for us, and trust you’ll have a great time visiting them. Such a gorgeous area they live in.

      Today we celebrate Danaka’s 16th Bday. Has been great already, but surprises for her in the next few hours.

      Love Karen

  2. It was a true pleasure meeting you guys….ALL of you. You’re living the dream and are an inspiration. Hopefully our paths will cross again.

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