End of the World/Mayan Calendar

We wake up before sunrise but we’ve already missed Solstice at 4am.  The sunrise in beautiful pinks, violets, peaches– gives no hint of the End of the World today.

Miel/Mica shares pancake breakfast and dolphin viewing with our family before he hits the road for Loreto and then La Paz where he hopes to catch a ride across the Sea of Cortez on a boat of some sort rather than catching a ferry.  We will follow his journey and possibly meet up with him in Argentina in a few years if he isn’t off cycling New Zealand and Asia, his next dream.

Anders hugMitchell has some success today with fishing.  Earlier he fishes with dolphins near by, catches 2 nondescript small fish, one of which becomes bait.  He goes out again and catches his first trigger fish, battling for 5 minutes to get the hook out of his nasty mouth without getting bitten.  Finally he bends the hook & just rips it out of the lip.

Everette goes to town with Walls for groceries and to obtain information that pertains to business hours over the holidays and plans for celebrating Danaka’s 16th birthday that is fast approaching.  At camp I catch up writing blog posts although we have no wi-fi or cell service to speak of.  This is a very low-tech beach……no water nor power, and pit toilets with usually 3 walls and a broken down door.  Nobody has come to collect money yet, though vendors come by almost everyday selling produce or wares (blankets, ponchos, sweaters, bracelets, etc).

A crew of males moved into camp last night as we headed out for supper.  Today we watch fathers and young adult sons fish from kayaks, jump aboard power boats, don wetsuits for snorkelling, and enjoy jazz music piped abroad or live guitar and drum music.  This is the End of the World.  Enjoyable.



On older photo from a roadside market where the little girl kept eyeing my camera so I let her take a few pics while we ate our lunch.

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