Fishy Day

We decided to spend another full day here at San Felipe because the children love the beach so much and they didn’t get enough of it yesterday.  We thought it would be just a quiet day alone on the sand, time for reading, some paperwork, fiddling to get our wi-fi up and running.

The children jumped right into Beach Day without even asking for breakfast.  They nibbled on what was left at the bottom of the tortilla bag and ran back to the beach for the whole morning.

kids ditch

Everette & I decided to hand wash laundry since we had fresh water available.

laundry day

The children stopped anxiously for lunch & gobbled that down in a flash to get back to building kingdoms and lands to protect.

About the time we were finished cleaning up from lunch a fishing boat approached us to sell us seafood (shrimp and/or fish).

boys hanging on boat

They suggested a trade for pop but we don’t drink it….maybe we ought to start carrying it!  But we did come up with something they were willing to trade with us.  Back in Bend, OR where we got our rooftop tents from, Bobby thew in 5 LED lights.  We weren’t using them so it had been something we considered unloading at Goodwill but then Everette thought it might be a good thing to give to somebody down here, particularly if it involved some sort of (alleged) driving infraction, kwim.

Today these came in handy!

LED lights

LED lights


Anders' fish

Anders’ fish

Everette taught Mitchell and Anders how to gut them, and thinking about how Maret wouldn’t even touch a vacated snake skin we certainly didn’t expect any help from her.  But amazingly without any prodding she cleaned two fish!!!

Maret grossed out by the slippery fish

Maret grossed out



Onlookers to see how to clean a fish

Onlookers to see how to clean a fish

pulling guts

pulling guts




fried fish

fried fish

At about ‘Drinks’ time Bill stopped by in his beach Polaris to check out our rig as neighbours in the houses and rigs parked up on the hill overlooking us had been telling him he needed to see our tents.  He was their scout.

Bill was amazed at our tents having seen every kind of contraption over the years.  And when he discovered that we were from the Victoria area he went for his pre-dinner drinks and sent back Canadians, Roy and Angeline from View Royal about a 20 minute drive from where we last lived on Vancouver Island.  We had a short visit with Roy and Angeline & we set ourselves to packing up camp for the night before it got too dark.

Sun set, kids are in the van watching a movie on a computer, Everette and I settling in our beach chairs to read some of the chilly evening away.  Headlights coming into camp, Angeline gets out of the truck and offers us deep-fried halibut and invites us up to their place.  We are takers, and she leads us through other properties climbing the bank.  As we pass thru her neighbour’s lot she yells “I’ve got the Canadians!”

We get a quick tour of their place, a one-bedroom house with tonnes of outdoor living space (with 2 banos, a full cooking area, bunk bed room for grandkids, etc) and we plant ourselves out under the lit palapa… favourite spot.   I secretly reminisce about spending enjoyable evenings with Everette (& baby Anders) under palapas in Belize.  This is the LIFE!!!  And then they tell me they lease the land for only $110/ lot / month.

The neighbours come to check us Canadians out.  Steve and Kim are from the States and have brought their little dog Lucy who wanders here and there and soon finds herself basking in the  children’s attention.  The kids have traded television time to cuddle a pooch instead and discuss everything under the sun with Kim.  Kim rejoins the adults & teens on the patio and rants and raves about how engaging the children were in conversation and asks about home education.  Her and Steve have a relative near LA homeschooling her daughters and they find them also engaged in learning, conversation, & the world.

Kim, Angeline & Lucy the dog

Kim, Angeline & Lucy the dog

Roy disappears into the house and we discover later that he was playing his banjo for the children while they sang “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” and “Jingle Bells” and the song from Sound of Music about “whiskers on kittens & warm woollen mittens”.

Another delightful and unexpected evening.  An entire day, really.


I had forgotten about how bad the flies can get in Mexico from my experience in the ’80s with Youth With a Mission (YWAM).  Something to get used to.

just a few flies

just a few flies


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