Boating the Colorado

Doug arrived with his boat from the suburbs of San Diego to spend a few days on the water.  He’s an active guy, volunteers as a Trail Angel on the Pacific Coast Trail and gets out into nature with his dog, Drake, constantly.  Ask him about camping and hiking in S California or SW Arizona and he has a map and the experience to point you in all kinds of directions.  He can point us to Elephant Trees (never heard of them, but he says there is less than 100 of them left in the world), Joshua Trees, Petroglyphs, waterfalls.  “What is it we would like to experience?” he asks.

Doug’s boat

Well, boating attracts us, and when he puts out an invitation there are more takers than lifejackets.  So members of the family go in shifts.  Still fairly early in the morning when the sun hasn’t yet warmed us up and there are actually clouds in the sky, Everette jumps aboard for a long & cold but beautiful journey up the Colorado River with Doug who is taking our friends Lynn and Kwi for a memorable trip before they leave camp for other places.

Doug, Lynn & Kwi

This is Johnsons’ last adventure here at Squaw Lake, and Doug makes it a very pleasurable one for them……and Everette was fortunate to be able to piggyback on the experience.


Doug had previously found this burial site for a man’s best friend, Lonesome. Encouraged to place a rock on the site, Doug had been here when there was a small pile. Today he was shocked at how huge the pile has become.

Later in the day Doug takes out Everette (again), Mitchell, Gaelyn and Toveli.

They don’t go as far, but Mitchell is at the helm in all his glory,

weaving thru the channels between groves of grasses, from lake to lake across the river.  The girls enjoy the trip, too, spotting birds and identifying them in their new Bird book.  Anders is at camp, fussing as to why he didn’t get to go on the boat, but we are thankful that Doug got at least a few of us Johnsons out there.  What a treat.



Me, checking out the view from our kitchen

4 thoughts on “Boating the Colorado

  1. Doug is an amazingly generous man! He also teaches gun safety to youngsters and then he and Drake take them pheasant hunting =)

    • Yes, Doug is. I heard about his gun safety. And he has a hoot being a Trail Angel. He seems to love his life, which is obviously a blessing for him and all who are touched by his life.

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