The caretakers here are from Portland, parents of 7 grown children.  We’ve had some interesting conversations, having a mutual understanding of the challenges one sometimes faces when having a large family in our culture, and the reactions and comments and misunderstandings other people might have or dish out in our direction.

Anyways, Mrs Goodman has had a love for rocks since she visited a museum as a little girl.  Strongly discouraged from persuing palaeontology or archeology as it was believed “there’s no future for women” in the sciences, she kept her own love of learning ALIVE (and specifically for rocks).  On her own she has studied chemistry and biology to better understand geology and all the other interdisciplinary studies needed to learn what she was driven to learn.

Talking with Bobby you can see the excitement she still has for her finds.  She pulled trays and boxes out of the oven and fridge and all the nooks and crannies of a holiday trailer her husband purchased for her to carry all her rocks!!!  She could talk for endless hours about her finds, where they came from, how they were formed, etc.

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Next time we camp here at Squaw Lake Bobby wants to take us out on a rock hunt, to a special place she’s found just 1.5 miles from here.  That sounds great.



Weiner roast at our campfire with Dachowski’s and the other Johnsons, the last before they all moved onwards.

Lynn surrounded by kids and Pat D

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