Happy Birthday Babe

We will always remember how little she looked in her terry sleeper laying in the crib in the living room of our 1-bedroom apartment.  The bed was so impersonal, so oversized.  We shifted her into one corner on the mattress rather than the center, and it was still overwhelming for our first newborn.  I scooped her up and took her to our bedroom.  Settled in a bassinet beside my side of the bed, I was more content and I believe she was too.  She probably would have been more so if she was snuggled right in bed with mom and dad, but I was of the mindset at the time that that would spoil this child.

Happy 26th Birthday Layne.  We send lots of loves and hugs from California/Arizona (we’re camping in California, but the nearest town is Yuma, Arizona so we keep thinking of ourselves being in AZ)  of course, wishing you were here.

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