American Thanksgiving

Typical day for us around the campsite.  Visiting friends, feeding ducks, etc.  But today, Alan, a great-grampa from Sicamous invited Mitchell to go canoeing.  Anders is catching crickets, cockroaches, fishing with a wooden spear Mitchell made for him.  Laars plays in the sand and water.   Everette and I pig out at Golden Corral with the other Johnsons for Thanksgiving dinner.  Take refreshing supper home for the kids…..well, what needs to be dealt with immediately is the Cookies ‘n Cream that goes with the chocolate cake Everette bought (out of guilt for all the chocolate he ate at Golden Corral) so the kids chow down on that.  It’s melting faster than us Johnsons can consume it so I start calling people in from the neighbourhood.  Alan (the canoer) and Joan from Sicamous,

Joan & Alan

Becky & her daughter Gayle from Michigan,

Gayle and Maret


Will from ??? Lynn catches the tail end of it and slurps up the melted ice cream. Then Will gives us left over Halloween candy, and Becky/Gayle send over fresh popcorn.   We are all happy. Giving and Sharing.  So much to be thankful for, not just today but everyday.

To our American family and friends,

Happy Thanksgiving.

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