Wildlife Refuge and Castle Dome Museum

We couldn’t ask for better ‘neighbours’ than Lynn and Kwi

(and more distant tenting neighbours Alex & Pat).  Lynn and Kwi are always involving our family in what they are doing.  Having a small vehicle they offer to take up to 3 of us Johnsons (their surname is also Johnson) with them when they are going to town, or checking out nearby dams and other campsites.  Today they were heading to a Wildlife Refuge and a museum and took Everette, Danaka and Maret along.

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I am SOOO blessed to have Mitchell around.  He has totally stepped into manhood recently, taking charge, learning to handle so many different situations.  Mitchell can run this whole show now, if something were to ever happen to Everette.  He can set up and take down the entire camp.  He runs the solar panel, learning all the connections between batteries and what-have-you’s.  He takes care of the camp stove, cooking meals, cleaning up, etc.  And I hear him telling people “I love it here!!”  A happy camper.  And a dashing son.

I’m getting nervous of taking this blonde surf-boy to the land of dark features.


3 thoughts on “Wildlife Refuge and Castle Dome Museum

  1. Yeah, this whole camping lifestyle sounds totally like Mitch. Glad he’s been learning about your whole set-up. Seriously, that kid is older than his 14 years. How are the girls doing with all this? They enjoying it?

    • Even Danaka I think is coming around. We’ve been parked here for more than a week now, enjoying the sun, water, relaxed days….and got funny and incredibly neighbours who have taken to the children. Tonight some are coming over for Movie night…..Vantage Point. Pat loves Dr Who, and black and whites, and sci-fi so her and Danaka talk movies. Somebody even gave us a pot of freshly popped popcorn last night, they LOVE the children which helps the kids enjoy it more here, too.

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