Smoothies in the Can?

Everette had brought back frozen blueberries, and mixed fruits (mango, peaches, pineapple & strawberries) last night that we had with juices for supper.  This morning I made up smoothies with the defrosted fruits.  What a treat!!!  The only power available to run the BlendTec……the bathroom.


smoothies in bathroom


Yesterday when I cleaned the back of the van out I found some of the school books I had packed.  We are predominantly unschoolers, ditching text/workbooks for real life learning.  But some of the kids actually like working in workbooks, feeling some sort of accomplishment when the pages fill up with their figuring & letters.  Interest tends to wane as they work through it, and I don’t insist that they finish them, nor that they fill in every page.  They learn what they are interested in in that time and space and move on to something else.


So I brought out some new books and we spent a bit of time today doing some maths, & working on some spelling and grammar.  Everette picked up Rummikub at Goodwill yesterday so I showed Toveli and Gaelyn how to play, and we tinkered with the South Rim of the Grand Canyon puzzle from Lynn……slow going.


Another day of reading, talking, feeding ducks, robotics, boys playing in the lake, meeting seniors gawking at our rooftop tents.  We meet amazing people each and every day.

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