Moving towards Solar Power

Everette had bought some solar ‘stuff’ on Saturday and it hasn’t charged over the weekend so he caught a ride into Yuma with Lynn/Kwi today, and Danaka tagged along to get dropped off at a Starbucks to do some internet ‘work’.

Knowing that Everette was intending on buying the bigger solar panels that Lynn has,

putting together the solar panel

I unpacked (yet again) the back and went thru all our stuff to unload more so we would have room to pack the solar panels when we travel.  A huge suitcase we had acquired from Rauchelle was bugging me…..far too big and awkward to keep.  Honestly, it was mostly full of Everette’s clothes.  I took mine out and stuffed them in just half of a smaller suitcase.  When Everette got home he was challenged to fit his clothes in the other half (hahaha…….that would never be enough space) I also gave him a small Rubbermaid box I had freed up in my day’s decluttering.

A fellow camper from Sicamous, BC suggested we rent his cargo trailer he pulls behind the camper for him and his wife.  I adamantly say “NO!  No matter how much space you have it always seems to get filled up.  I don’t want more stuff.”  Ain’t that the way it is?  People are so amazed at how we fit all our stuff plus our children in this van when they feel cramped and as though they are scrimping in their campers, trailers, RV’s.



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