Date Festival

Headed to Yuma for the Medjool Date Festival and saw some remnants of a Balloon Festival.

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Our family love dates, particularly medjool’s, and the kinds we got in Canada were Imperial and/or Bard’s, both of which where at the festival, grown right here at Yuma.

Spent time driving all over town looking for this and that, and then Everette dropped the children and I off at a huge castle playground at The Wetlands for about 3 hours while he did more shopping and even got the laundry and grocery shopping done.  Three Cheers for Everette!!!

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He picked us up just as the sun was setting and we were getting chilled.  Way to go, Hon.

2 thoughts on “Date Festival

    • Yup, I cut a few hairs off Maret. She was soooo frustrated with it, leading to many bad attitudes and tears. She wanted it shorter like Chelle’s and mine but it was getting dark so I did this just as a tie-over, but we all really liked it and in the morning I just tidied it up a bit and she kept it.

      Yeh, Mitch and his dates.

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