Down Day at Squaw Lake

Like usual, when we park around other people we get lots of inquiries about our rooftop tents.  This morning we meet Alex & Pat, Lynn & Qwi and others asking questions.  We investigate the lake, meet the ducks, and claim a picnic table down by the lake.  I wash the table clean of bird poop, let it dry and we start to play games and chit chat around today’s hub.

Qwi feeds the ducks and the children congregate to participate.  All day long they ask for food so that they too can feed the ducks.  They are donned with names and become friends of the children.


The day passes with refreshing dips in the lake, a couple of tumbles in but no swimming.


The evening finds the children in bed by 7:30 (all by choice) and Everette and I mosey on over to spend an evening visiting with Lynn & Qwi (from Sedona, AZ).  A perfect, quiet day at camp.

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4 thoughts on “Down Day at Squaw Lake

  1. Who named Pickles? Was it you, mom? Remember when I was six I had a stuffed dog from Radkes. It had a burn mark on one of its paws. You suggested I named him Pickles, so I did. Interesting to see that name pop up again with the next batch. =D

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