Lizards, and Grasshoppers and Clean Vans, Oh My!!!

We decided to spend 2 nights here at the Petroglyphs, so its nice not to have to rush and take down camp.  Instead, we unload the entire van, clean, re-organize, decide what to get rid of to lighten our load. We need to get a 2nd water container but have to make room for it, first.

Cleaning turns into a whole day event, broken up with breaks in the shade, meals, story time, siesta, water break, a walk to the petroglyphs.  Everette and I enjoy the day though.  He checks over some of the mechanical things, does some re-wiring for our power bars.  I re-organize bedding, my “filing cabinet” under my seat, and get the whole van swept out.  When the day is over we are content with how it went, and once we drop excess items off at a Thrift store we’ll have more room in the van while traveling.

Since everything got taken out of the van we were able to use some of the things that had been packed away in the hidden recesses.  Gaelyn found some X-stitching to do. Toveli painted with watercolours.  Anders did a math workbook.  Later some of us played Dutch Blitz.  Mitchell made a scaled down King’s Table and had a challenging game with Everette.

Most of the day the children chased lizards and collected grasshoppers.  We were visited by hummingbirds, butterflies, odd looking beetles of all sizes, colours and shapes.


We are certainly thawed from our camping-in-the-snow (or threat of snow).  However, we are now dealing with certain children who don’t really like the heat.  Ah, if it isn’t one thing to complain about its another.  We have certainly got to learn more about Contentment…..and how to avoid heat and sun stroke.  There are so many little things for the kids to really learn.  Like how to take advantage of air currents & shade, how to avoid dehydration, how to pace /time a day’s activities, etc.




Maret liked this one, with the outhouse in the background!!

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