Beyond Gila Bend

Use the pool and hot tub again,

Bed-head after the hot tub last night

then rush to be out of our stall by 11.  We head to Gila Bend after getting a replacement Recharger.  Enroute we stopped to see a house we rented for the winter of 2008/9 and play at the playground where the kids used to play every single day.

Now, 4 years later, they aren’t interested in it like they thought they would have been.

I had forgotten that they grow cotton in this area.



The first time I saw cotton plants I had noticed the mess along the side of the country road.  I thought it was litter blown and caught in the grass.

We stop in Gila Bend for Everette to do some business so I take the younger kids outside to have a snack.  Larry from Illionois asks me if we’d like some food.  He’s a senior, living in his car, traveling back from San Diego after burying his mother.  He doesn’t have money to get back home.  He stops at Senior’s Centers and asks for help–food and gas money.  But he has some health issues and can’t eat all the food he is given….they tell him to Pass It On.  And so he passes it on to us.  Blessings.

We head to the hills just out of Gila Bend

& camp at the Petroglyph Park campsites.  The evening turns out warm.  We dig into the food Larry gave us and discover that 3 pkgs are survival kits.  We are curious what makes up a survival kit so we tear into it.  A pkg of raisins, an un-popped pop-tart , a hard oatmeal cookie, a powdered raspberry drink, crackers & peanut butter.  We each take a nibble of each food item as it passes by.  Then comes the entree of spaghetti with tomato meat sauce.  It comes in a special package within a cardboard box, heated by chemical reaction.  We tear open a small packet of salt water (looks like an oversized vinegar package from fast foods) and pour that into a green bag which holds packets with which it will react.  A separate foil package containing the food contents is also inside the green bag.

Once the salt water is added we roll up the top of the green bag and re-insert into the cardboard box and set the timer for 12 minutes.  When times up we anxiously dig into the entree, discovering that it is edible, even desirable by some.  We move onto the next survival kit and follow a similar process, nibbling, passing on, each finding something that they find palatable enough, and we call it a meal after a Southwestern Chicken with Rice and Beans, Pasta with vegetables & sauce, some crackers with cheese spread (like Cheez Whiz…..most of our childrens’ first introduction to what Everette used to consume on a regular basis in days past) fig square, date roll, and a stiff shortbread cookie.  The raisins, I must say, tasted like the foil package they came in and I dump the rest of them as I didn’t even feel safe for the kids to consume them).  We fill up on fresh apples and water.

Sleep is in the smokey remnants of our campfire.




Supper: Survival Kits


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