It was a dry night, clear sky we had been able to enjoy for a bit scanning for satellites and constellations before we hit bed early.  This morning we packed up quickly and were on the road just after 7am.

We know we are reaching lower and warmer elevation when at 7:48am Mitchell spots the first saguaro cactus….in somebody’s yard.  A minute later Everette saw our first small barrel cactus.

Hopes are rising for warmer camping.  It can’t allude us forever.

We eat vanilla yogurt and granola for breakfast at a Visitor Center where Ev can shave and we can freshen up a bit.  A bit of wi-fi and we head to Apache Junction near Mesa, AZ where we splurge and stay at a KOA campground for 1 night.  The children hop in the cold-to-adults swimming pool while the adults lounge in the nearby hot tub.

We enjoy the evening so much better here, where we are chased into tents by darkness and cold.  Here we do our laundry, read, play games and don’t climb into bed until 9:30, closer to normal-peoples’ bedtime.


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