Petrified Forest

Remembrance Day in Canada

Veteran’s Day in United States

snow for us, everywhere.  This is driving in New Mexico

We went to Four Corners, the only place in the States where 4 States share borders: Colorado, Arizona, Utah & New Mexico.  There’s a monument there, but not open until 8am.  We arrived at 5:15am.

We crossed from Colorado into Arizona, then headed to New Mexico where we watched the sun rise.   We are still in the mountains enveloped in snow.  Back in Arizona we are at an elevation of 6,000 feet.   A mile is 5,280 feet.

Following Historic Route 66 for a while we head to the Petrified Forest National Park.

Some of them are very very colourful when polished up, like rainbow marble.

As we leave the Park Laars sees a teepee and says, “Look, a Chinese tent!”  Ok, more education needed.  We’re working on it.

I’m thinking we need to make more changes: some practical and personal ones.  The kids are getting chapped hands/lips/cheeks.  My nails are all brittle now, and cuticles sore.  Our noses are sore inside, and have been since we left Bend, OR.  Think I need to dig out coconut oil and start applying consistently.

We head southwest but we are still in the mountains and there is still snow on the ground.  We end up pulling off somewhere in Tonto National Forest at a campground, totally deserted.  There are skiffs of snow on the ground here and there, but we are amongst the trees at the bottom of a valley.  Shouldn’t be windy at least.  We scout out wood, get tents set up, drink the last of the hot chocolate for supper (smiles) and climb under blankets.  Some of us pile into the van, wanting to delay bed for a little while since its only 6pm.  Maret wants to ‘play’ Professor Noggins and we find the cards on the Human Body so I quiz her, Toveli and Anders on anatomy.  Last night we had driven thru the night so we are all pretty tired to night.  I think we’re all in bed by 7.

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