Aurora & Fishlake

We wake up in the empty field with Jed and his dogs moseying around.  He stops by and we discover that he’s spotting for elk.

The hunters next to us are gone but we inspect their prize hanging from a hamstring, skinned under a tarp .  The hide is laying on the ground across the field.

We pack up and head into Orem to find Forever Green and pick up some products.

We sprinkle Pulse 8 in one SolLight water bottle, and Azul in another.  It helps disguise some of the not-so favourable water tastes.

Our 2 prong power bar has a broken so we buy a 5er!

Now we’ll be able to power up & use our laptops, phones, iPad, cooler, battery charger while we drive.  Jeesh, this covered wagon has a lot of technology to take care of.  Sometimes even that seems like such a burden.

In the grocery store I am taken aback by the large sizes of packaged foods   I hadn’t seen any large bags of oats until today (something we routinely bought in BC), and cans of dried soups, stews, dried strawberries, etc.  Then suddenly it hit me.  Duh, this is Mormon country, known for food storage.  A good place for us to get some camping gear.  But somehow Honey Powdered just doesn’t seem appealing to me, nor the dried potatoes, etc.  We get pancake mix.

The fellow at the gas bar tells Everette that 42% of the city’s population is Mormon, dropping as more people move to the city.  Looks like blue-collar jobs are very extensive here, and lots of traffic.  5 and 6 lanes helps keep it moving, at least.

We now dodge tumble weed  as we head out of town.  There are wind turbines in modest numbers, both big and small.  I don’t enjoy windy towns.

The hills have clusters of earthy coloured houses.  It reminds me of the monotonous subdivisions in Arizona.  In contrast I think of the small clusters of houses in the bays on P.E.I., like viewing inside a kaleidoscope.  Like an artists palette on the brown hills.

Bucking the wind the clouds roll in from the southwest.  Dust clouds rise and blow across the highway.  This is Utah.

We stop for lunch at Yuba State Park, closed, desolate, dust in our faces.  We climb over the wood fence beside the No Trespassing sign to use the pit toilet.   Aboard “the bus” again we watch/listen to Blue Planet and Laars discusses how fish get air from the water like we do by breathing.

Unfortunately today Maret has a fever.  We give her 3 ImmunEYES & 3 A.I.M., repeat in 1.5 hrs and then 6-8 hrs later.  Put a little peppermint essential oil on her tongue, helped diminish the nausea.  Massaged her neck & forehead with lavender eo while she sat by the fire.  She’s starting to feel a bit better.  Always seems nastier to be sick when driving or not in the comfort of your own bed.

We go a little out of our way to take a picture so I can send it to my friend who uses the same name as a handle.  I’m thinking of her.

Aurora….I (heart) U + miss U

We pull off in the Fishlake National Forest with plenty of daylight to set-up camp and climb the hills.

We’ll build a campfire tonight, nurse Maret back to health, maybe read some books and write in journals.

We’ll count the satellites and point out constellations, marvelling once again at how vibrant they are out here.  We’ll sleep with the fresh air flooding our lungs while we snuggle deep in our sleeping bags with clothes and toques on.  We’ll marvel that we get to do this, this new lifestyle…..and dream of warmer places we’ll be, shortly.  Have patience, Karen!!


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