Hells Canyon

Hair half-done when breakfast arrives

Eating porridge in the bathroom

Anders was having withdrawal from movie watching that we plugged a computer in the neighbouring camp spots power and tucked him under a tree to watch Narnia while out of the way of those of us packing up camp.

Watching Narnia

Too far to go to the flush toilets

We rolled out at 11am heading into town of Glenns Ferry to do our laundry.  While our ‘servants’ worked for us we toured town on our feet then sat out on the sidewalk eating lunch, skipping rope, writing in journals.


Laars watching the approaching train

Lots of autumn decorations around town

more of the house

A house we loved, right in town

Burrs in all our shoes

Murals, like Chemainus

I like the limited Business Hours. Shows how hopping the town is.

Passing the time

Laars in Maret’s hat

Back on the road at 1pm, meandering the country roads thru Bliss and backroad to Twin Falls.  We follow the Thousand Springs Scenic Byway through Hell’s Canyon where the Hagerman Fossil Beds contain the largest concentration of fossilized horses in North American.  The valley we drove thru used to be hundreds of feet above us, a flood playn where numerous rivers flowed into Lake Idaho which covered most of the southwestern part of the state of Idaho.  Hell’s Canyon eroded upstream, began draining Lake Idaho, scouring and deepening the canyon.  Now its left the Snake River which drains into the Columbia River and ultimately out to the Pacific Ocean.  Toveli was wondering last night why it was called the Snake River, probably worried about populations of snakes, but was thrilled to discover that it was given that name because of its meandering course across the landscape.

Driving thru the canyon we see we are on a huge gravel bar deposited by the Bonnevilel Flood.  This flood they figure lasted about 8 weeks, leaving behind large, rounded boulders called “melon gravels”.  Imagine the force required to move these basalt rocks that fell from the canyon walls when water rushed & tumbled downstream.  Only about 20% of the original Lake Bonneville remains today and is now called the Great Salt Lake in Utah…..we’ll drive by there in a couple of days or so.

Continuing thru the canyon we can see where the Byway gets its name.

Thousand Springs

Springs cascade down from the canyon walls, flowing naturally from the underground aquifer of the Snake River Plain.

Geologists estimate that the aquifer contains enough water to cover the entire state of Idaho in 1.5 inches of water!!  The emigrants traveling the Oregon Trail on the south side of the River often commented in their journals that it was frustrating to see the springs but not be able to reach them.

Its been fascinating to think about those traveling the Oregon Trail.  I keep referring back to Laura Ingalls’ time, and although she didn’t come out to the west coast until later in her life, much of the journey she did with her family had similar adventures and trials.

We stopped around 3pm for gas, potty break, a carton of ice cream and some internet.  Not good enough to load pictures, but got my notes up anyways.  Thanks to McD’s being in so many towns and providing wifi.

We headed to Twin Falls, scouted out the Perrine Bridge where it is legal to base jump from.

Figuring we weren’t likely to find any jumpers at the time we showed up we were soooo stoked to see some guys working with their packs on a patch of grass across the parking lot from the Visitor Center.  Everette checked it out to discover we had just missed jumps but alas, they would be jumping again in about an hour.  Well, didn’t take any talking our kids into hanging around for an hour.

We met 4 of the divers, some from Chicago, some from here in Twin Falls.

Everette, Mitchell and Gaelyn followed them up onto the centre of the bridge to video tape their jumps.  Sorry that the videos are sideways, as taking them on the phone we often instinctively turn the phone one way to video but can’t flip it once its taken.  Or at least we haven’t figured out yet how we can turn the video around once shot.

Anyways, straight or sideways, it was cool to witness these men and women jumping off the bridge.  The young guys in our family are all ready to take up the sport…..Laars ready to break open his (& everybody else’s) piggy bank to buy a parachute.  Now!!! he informs me, not later when he’s older, as I suggested!

Too late to take in Shoshone Falls we will come back into Twin Falls in the morning.  We head back to a decent looking Rest Area we spotted on the way in and get set up before its too dark.  I make chill and rice for supper, and you’d think I made a gourmet meal for this crowd they are so pleased and grateful.  The boys finish watching a video.

I like how expectations seem to drop and gratitude soars when one is camping.

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