Crossed the Snake into Idaho


Slowly the family wakes up, and I suggest we pack up and drive while its so cold and we can stop for breakfast or brunch later.  Our sleeping bags and pillows are a bit wet from condensation as we didn’t have vents open in the tent.

We left camp at 7:55am.

Along the Hwy we saw a dead porcupine.

porcupine dead on the side of the road

Porcupine quills

The first time he saw a porcupine as a young boy he remembers his own father pulling over and getting quills to show him.  He does it for his own children now.  (The first one we ever saw was in New Brunswick and he did the same back then.)

Maybe a 1/4 mile down the road Danaka spies antelope out in the fields trying to find their way over fences and under some raised pipes.  We pull over to watch for awhile, observing their skittish nature and that of being herd animals.

We fuelled up in Hines, got groceries/shoe goo/water container in Burns and stopped for brunch

yummy breakfast….these are the gluten-free ones

in a park where the kids could run around & our tent could dry out while we prepared the meal and took turns filling water bottles and our 4.5 gallon water container slowly with a glass jar that fit under the washroom faucet.

Filling big water jug up slowly with little glass jar

Tedious but a whole lot easier than what many native children and women around the world have to do for their water which usually isn’t even this clean.  We are Thankful.

We stopped in at a weigh station to see how much our contraption (with us in it) weighed.  3,950 lbs.  Nearly 2 tonnes.

Crossed into Mountain Time Zone at 12:41/1:41pm.






Made it to Ontario.  Way faster to drive thru this Ontario than the one in Canada (that took us 3 days!!)

Checkers cab in Ontario

We parked at McDonald’s for free wifi while Everette shopped Sears and O’Reilly’s for a battery booster (just in case we leave lights on or something like that… if?”)  Then we checked out the Snake River,

Laars asks “Mom, will you marry me?”


The Snake River




Dad and child


Our eldest son


along the Snake


along the Snake


climbed trees and ran around a bit, us adults wondering if we could find a place for boon docking near by (quick setup before sundown) or should we start heading south and just stop at a Rest Area for the night.  We spent a little bit of time scouting then inadvertently crossed over a bridge ending up in Payette, Idaho.  So we decided to find I-84 and head south.

Stopping for a potty break in Caldwell ended in us getting supper

Tov makes a pipe of some sort

and piling back in the van for a drive in the dark to who-knows-where.  The other nights we’ve gotten cold early in the evening and gone to bed at 7:30 or so, but tonight we’ve decided  that since we’ve already missed daylight for setting up tents we might as well cover some miles in warmth and just set up in the dark further south.

I saw high on a building “Layne of Idaho” and the van load of kids all said how much they miss their big sister.  Many places or things remind us of our loved ones.  They are in our hearts and not far from our minds every single day.  We wish we could be sharing these adventures with Layne & Rauchelle (& her family) but for now its just the 9 of us.

Around 9 pm in pitch dark we arrived at Three Island Crossing State Park, picked site 21 and got set up.  For $23.30 we have power, water, flush toilets and non-coined showers!!  Sweet.

Bed by 10pm.

2 thoughts on “Crossed the Snake into Idaho

  1. Hi Karen,

    We sure enjoyed our time with you on Halloween night. What a lovely family you have! I just sat and read all your posts to-date and enjoyed them very much. The tents are amazing! I’ll have to show Terry the photos of them. Very ingenious! Happy trails!


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