Never Know Who You’ll Meet

We needed to stay in town overnight to get CVT all paid up (living without credit cards makes life a bit more complicated, in some ways) so we set up camp in the CVT warehouse.  Mitchell, particularly, thought that was really cool.  I think its because he liked having his head in the rafters when assembling/disassembling the tents.

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With some conveniences around Everette got a haircut & sent out invoices, the girls checked up on their emails, & I got some blogging done and started to set up a travel blog for the kids to do (not up & running yet)

Bobby delivered breakfast for us this morning.  Muffins, danish, and juices.

Halloween night Anders learned how to play the dice game Greed, so we played that this morning and Laars learned this time.  Great for the kids to be adding by 50’s and hundreds (& multiples of hundreds) both mentally and on paper.  I did pathetically until Gaelyn took mercy on me and started to roll for Mom.  That was the only way I even got into the action!!

Everette had gone out to do some banking and fuel the van up, and a fellow approached him at the gas bar, admiring our rooftop tents.  Cameron worked near by CVT so Everette brought him back to meet the family.  Turns out Cameron is a local homeschooling dad who graduated from my rival high school in White Rock, BC!!!  He spent lots of time on Hornby Island since he was 5, and him and his family were just up in Courtney to visit his sister.  Him and his wife and 2 dc lived in China for a year, and they most recently spent 3.5 months in Nicaragua where they own beachfront property.  They drove to Nicaragua in a van in 10 days, and gave us lots of tips about camping/traveling our way thru Mexico.   What a treat to meet Cameron here in Bend, and he’s offered to let us camp on his Nicaragua property!!  for free, of course.  I’m pretty sure we’ll take him up on that.

After packing up, cramming everything in, we went north of town to buy a 2-burner camp stove off of Craigslist, and crammed that in, too.

Back in Bend we picked up roasted chickens for a hot lunch to eat at a cold park behind the Rec Center.  Everette had more shopping to do, as in getting fuel for the camp stove, so the kids and I stayed at the park and played at the playground.  We had a great game of “telephone” before getting in the van and finally heading out of Bend at 3:10pm, heading east on Hwy 20.

At Brothers we pulled out at the Rest Area to stretch our legs and discovered a really old corral that the children checked out after following a rabbit zig zagging across the high desert scrub.  The children liked the area and wondered if we might camp somewhere around here.  The mountains were about 10 miles away so we headed there……some kids running, again.  All petered out except Mitchell and Anders, and while we let them run ahead across this flat/straight road terrain we stopped an approaching vehicle to ask about the area.  Mike & Kenny not only told us where to find a camping spot in Ochoko National Forest but they even gave us the map they had used to collect their firewood.  After a 2 mile run Mitch & Anders jumped in the van and we headed for the hills.  The gravel roads were in wonderful condition probably because they don’t get much rain up here so they skip the pot holes!

Along this drive we saw coyotes, kestrels, and bull.

We camped in a clearing near a creek (Klootchman Creek, I think), set up the tents and annex partially in the dark, and got a campfire going.  (No s’mores to be had, Schwartz’s.  We miss that…..& you guys.) It was getting cold, and the sun had been gone for a long time, so the kids decided to head to bed.  7:30pm!!!

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PS  Not organized yet with photos coming from 2 different phones and 2 different cameras.  I’ll switch photos probably in a couple days.  Be patient as I get more organized.

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