The Back of a Turtle

We’ve got ourselves a house (or two) on the back of our van, and we’ll be traveling just about as slow as a turtle on wheels…..Not because we have to with this set up, but because now we have a place to stay wherever we are and don’t need to be in a rush to get anywhere.  Now we can really begin a slow travel……..after we hurry to warmer climate.

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Bobby at Cascadia Vehicle Tents provided us with top-notch treatment.  Not only are his products superb, but he’s a generous and thoughtful man.  He is totally into Service.  He brought us pizza, interacted with the children, was jolly and patient, and bent over backwards (Not likely to see that, literally, hey Bobby?) to make sure we had whatever we needed.  And when the day was done he offered for us to stay camped in his warehouse rather than the Walmart parking lot or looking for our first boondocking in the dark.

He says he’s bringing breakfast!!  I said ‘No’ to doughnuts but will let him spoil us with juice and muffins and whatever his generous heart delivers.

6 thoughts on “The Back of a Turtle

  1. Wow – your van now has a penthouse! That is amazing to see – I’ve never seen one of those before but it sure makes sense.

    When you know if you are are going to be stopped in area for about a week, I have a pair of dice to send you that we found on floor. They are the kind that have numbers showing on each side (not dots) so probably think they are part of a particular game. Don’t want you to lose them. So, please send me a mailing address and I will get them sent.

    Have a great day — clocks get turned back tonight too. 🙂

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