The Columbia Gorge & South to Bend

It was hard to leave Rauchelle and her family, but we did it.  We retrieved the missing shoe for Mitchell, and Becky gave us the spooky cupcakes from the night before because she figures we’ll need a sugar fix while strapped in our seat belts.  Thanks, Becky.

What beautiful scenery through the gorge, in spite of the rain and wispy clouds hovering the rocky cliffs.  I love autumn colours (no vibrant red like the east, but beautiful none the less) and this valley delivered well.  We saw Rooster Rock protrude suddenly and pulled in to the parking lot to scout around a bit but we were on a schedule to meet a fellow before 1pm.  So we’re heading out to the highway when Mitchell pipes up from the back seat announcing that there is wood glue leaking in his backpack.  So about face we go back to park and clean up the mess with running water.  And glad we did, as we discovered that this was a place that Lewis & Clark had stopped at back in 1805.  Not only that, but at precisely the same time of year……Oct 31-Nov 2.  Today’s date….Nov 1st!!  How cool is that?

Off we skiddadled to Hood River to meet up with Aaron from SolLight.  We discovered their Lightcap200 when Seth used them for soothing light when Rauchelle was labouring this summer. Eric and Aaron blessed our adventure with great discounts on their awesome solar products.   We are giving their SoliCharger-SP a try, too.

Our destination today was Bend, OR, and so we traipsed on in the rain.  But when the weather broke and the sun peaked through, we pulled over to dump out the kids.  What????  Well, back in Hood River while Everette was making transactions with Aaron @ SolLight, I had let the kids consume the Haloween cupcakes from Becky.  Everette had previously told them that if they were going to eat the cupcakes, then they were going to run a mile.  So out they went…..Dad included.  Mom was in charge of the van, and Laars was co-pilot.  And our kids ran.  They didn’t all make the mile, and some made it further.  But they all did well, and enjoyed it (well, most of them did!)

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We pulled into Bend at 5pm and buzzed right over to Cascadia Vehicle Tents where we were buying our rooftop tent(s).  Everette and Bobby arranged to meet back in the morning and get the show on the road.  We headed back into town and found ourselves a hotel suite with enough beds for all 9 of us, and for less than $90!!!  Heated indoor swimming pool to boot.  The kids were happy.

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