Trick or Treat & Kissing Cousins

The kids threw together some Haloween costumes and went out Trick or Treating with Seth and Everette for a quick trick or treating session before going to visit our American “Kissing Cousins”.

Everette’s Dad’s cousin’s kids…..they invited us for a dessert & games night.  Was great to reconnect with them, and it was the first time our youngest 7 ever met most of them.

It was like going to an ice cream parlour with numerous choices like chocolate chip peanut butter, lemon cheesecake, chocolate mint, etc.  Fancy Halloween cupcakes, candies, total sugar fix.

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Totally warm Welcome from Becky who organized and hosted the evening.  Three of her four siblings were able to come, and we enjoyed talking, playing Greed, Apples to Apples & Dutch Blitz.  They were curious about our upcoming trip, and all the updates of our big girls (Layne and Rauchelle).  Rauchelle, Seth and Marin had been invited for the evening but unfortunately Rauchelle has a nasty cold so was not able to attend.

When we arrived back at Rauchelle’s Mitchell discovered that he had lost one of his Vibram 5-fingers shoes.  How do you come home with only one?  Well, since the van is so packed the children have to take their shoes off when they are climbing in the van so as not to make such a mess on the benches where they need to sit.  It was dark out, raining, and the shoe is pitch black.  It must have fallen out before the door was closed.  Becky retrieved it and we pick it up in the morning.

Walking along the front porch back ‘home’, Seth was in hiding, sitting on a chair in disguise.  Some of us were oblivious that he was there, some like Gaelyn walked past and said “Hi Seth”, and others got freaked out, like the guy with only 1 shoe!  Sounds like Seth and Rauchelle had a hoot scaring teens out on the street and porch, but I doubt some of those kids will come back to this residence next year!!

3 thoughts on “Trick or Treat & Kissing Cousins

  1. OMG I LOVE SETH!!!!!!!!! Sounds like you guys had a great halloween! =D The costumes were cute, the sweets looked yummy, and the company looked like fun. =D I handed out candy to the kids here while Katie and the boys went trick-or-treating.

  2. It sure was fun to have all of you join us last night. Fun to see the photos you posted, especially the costumes on the kids. Hope you had a productive day in Bend today. Baer hugs!

    • Hey Becky. We are still in Bend tonight, got the tents all done and sleeping in them tonight for the first time. I’ll post with pics now that I got some internet connection. Pretty sketchy at the hotel last night.

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