Getting a Grandbaby Fix & Making a Pit-Stop in Portland

Over the last few years its been an ordeal getting me across the border.  In 2008 when our entire family was entering the states the border was shut down, our vehicle surrounded with border patrol–guns ready, and we were told to come out with our hands visible.  Other episodes haven’t been nearly as exciting, todays included.  It just required an hour long wait inside the building to determine whether I was the criminal the authorities are looking for.  Turns out, I’m not!

Maybe the situation would be better if I went and changed my name, but not much luck changing my birthdate which I apparently also share with this Wanted woman.

Our drive to Seattle was very Westcoast–rainy.  We had anticipated arriving late afternoon but that didn’t materialize, what with Everette unplugging Mom’s kitchen sink before we left, and the delay at the border, we finally arrived after 9pm.

We are here for only 2 sleeps and 1 day so that isn’t very much time to sneak in a bunch of cuddling with Marin.  But we’ll take what we can.

New tires for the van.

Lots of games.

Early morning hot tub for Everette and I.

Party with relatives for Haloween.

And a lot of lovin’ going on.

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3 thoughts on “Getting a Grandbaby Fix & Making a Pit-Stop in Portland

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