Goodbyes SUCK

Goodbyes SUCK.

But then they don’t……  Because it means we — or the others — are doing (or going) somewhere new.  And that can be exciting (unless you are the one left behind, all alone, same old same old.  Then it does suck.)

This week has been a bunch of Goodbyes.  Many of them caught on film  digital.  Some not.

Our ‘Goodbye’ with Rauchelle/Seth/Marin was a dry run……we get to do it again in a few more days when we leave Portland. That will be harder.

Our friend and teacher April came by the house to spread more love and gifts and left some of us in tears.  Grandma J had also come (to see Anders, Gaelyn and Maret in their musical theatre performance) for hugs and cuddles.  Both April and Grandma left with keepsakes needing new homes.

We moved Layne ‘up Sooke’ this week, but she stayed with us right till the end when Everette drove her to work for his last time.  As she shed tears amidst the hugging, she knew she had only 45 more minutes to pull herself together and start making lattes.  Tough.  Life goes on.  (Brandon was sweet to have a cappuccino waiting for her arrival.)

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The Schwartz’s have been fantastic neighbours whose kids, along with ours, have made the lines somewhat blurry between who lives at which house.  We have enjoyed sharing more S’mores than ought to be legal; sharing gardening tips between 3 Green-Thumb-hopefuls; whiskey, the secret ingredient for a wicked BBQ sauce; lifestyle examples of randomness vs structure & their pros and cons.  The tears are worth shedding, because it means we’ve touched each others heart.

‘Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.

-Alfred Lord Tennyson

Britt stopped by to say “Goodbye” on her way into the city, and said we could take our garbage, recycling, salvageable/usable things & drop them off at her garage and she would deal with it.  But that was before we realized we wouldn’t be fitting all our proposed things into the van and would have to unpack, repack and dump (at Britt’s).  Thanks, Britt.  Such good neighbours we have had.

Dylan stopped at the side of the road to come give some hugs and well wishing.  Our boys LOVED playing with Dylan’s girls (even this morning), although I think Laars always forgot that tiny Emily was so feisty ….wrestling with her turned out to be a challenge!!  Tiffiny put up with a lot of busy-ness at her house, particularly in the summer with all the fun toys they have in their backyard.  Who wouldn’t want to play at their house?  Duh.

Our landlords…..great friendly people.  They came by to walk through the house of course, but it was nice to say “Goodbye” as friends, too.  Always open for a chat, the B’s are encouragers.  Glad to know them.  And they walked off with a large food processor.  Good timing, Terri.

We’ve also said “Goodbye” to Vancouver Island, for now.  Don’t know when we’ll tread the earth on that rock, but it will always hold a special place for us.  For all of us.

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