Sailing Away

There are lots of things to get rid of before we set out on our slow long-term travels, but somethings require special handling.  Some of Mitchell’s work fit that bill.

This boat, designed/built by Mitchell is too big to ask somebody to take care of it.  And it deserves to be on display.

With our many garage sales we were blessed to have met Mirla, who is a huge encourager of artists……and seemed genuinely impressed with our children’s art.  She purchased some of Maret’s canvas paintings for her mother, and then came back a few weeks later to buy some for her own house.  She was directed to the garage to see Mitchell’s boat in progress and was totally impressed with it.  She decided to purchase it for her husband, planning to give it to him for Christmas.  And she ordered a leather pouch with a custom celtic design and her husbands monogram burned into the flap with ‘Love Mirla’ on it.

Mitchell gave her a phone call earlier in the day to see what she wanted the boat christened.  She decided on ‘Jocey’ for the dog they had to put down just 2 days previous, and for whom her dh was totally upset about losing.

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Mitchell seemed pleased that if he had to give up his prize ship to somebody, that it went to Mirla who genuinely seemed to care about his work.

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