Take a Sniff


Toveli was reading from “Earthlings Inside & Out: A Space Alien Studies the Human Body” and decided to try an experiment.  So she gathered 5 foods with strong aromas.  Blindfolded, Anders had to identify what the 5 food items were.  The idea was that after  smelling many many odors, over and over, eventually Anders wouldn’t be able to differentiate one aroma from the next.

He correctly identified each smell, from coffee beans to balsamic vinegar, garlic, tomatoes, lemon and pepper.  Over and over again he correctly identified them.

It wasn’t working as she had anticipated.

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But then Mom (that’s me!) remembered that some perfume shops have coffee beans for their customers to smell occasionally, since the olfactory system (your smeller) seems to get overwhelmed and becomes incapable of smelling another odor.  I speculated that since coffee beans was one of the 6 odors, Anders’ smeller was essentially being reset ever few whiffs, never letting the olfactory senses become overwhelmed.  Once Toveli removed the coffee beans from the list of aromatic foods, it was only a few rounds of smells before Anders’ smeller wasn’t smelling!!


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