Messiah’s Mansion

We heard there was a life-sized replica of the Tabernacle that the Israelites had in the time of Moses traveling North America and when it came to Victoria we decided we would take some of the children.

Today was the day.

Entering the Courtyard

Don’t have a photo from the outside, but in the background you can see the outer walls that stood 7.5 feet tall, 150 feet long and 75 ft wide.  Colours incorporated at the entrance were White (Purity), Red (Blood), Blue (Commandments), Purple (Royalty).

The Tabernacle was used when the Israelites were led by Moses out into the Wilderness.  God was initiating a re-connect between himself and man.  This is were ceremony took place, where the priests went before God on behalf of the people and asked for forgiveness of their sins.

On the right you can see where sacrifices were burnt.  Just left of centre is where the priests washed.  These items here were made of copper.

Where they burn Incense

Frankincense and other spices were burned on the Golden Altar of Incense, smoke rising to heaven to cover the sins of the people.  There are horns on the four corners on which blood from the sacrifice was sprinkled.

Lampstand and Table of Showbread

Ark of Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant held the tablets of the Ten Commandements, a bowl of Manna and Aaron’s Rod.

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