Sether’s For-Real Birthday

When we first met Seth in December we had a surprise birthday party for him…..a real surprise since it wasn’t even his birthday!

But it was his real birthday this week so we definitely had to celebrate.

As our family grows and members start to go their own ways it is inevitable that we won’t all be able to congregate together very often so it was great that for Seth’s very first Birthday celebration with us Johnsons we were actually ALL together at one place and time!

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We let him sleep the morning away (he’s often on Daddy-duty during the nights) and then we all indulged in BBQ Ribs for lunch followed with his favourite Angel Food Cake with mixed fruit, and a Swiss Chocolate cake with Coconut Butter Icing and chocolate shavings.  As many of you know, we changed years ago from a Winnie-the-Pooh candle gracing our Birthday cakes to a cheeky angel who has been the butt of many of our jokes!!  Well, unbeknownst to Seth, he fell into starting our newest family tradition when at his pretend Birthday I said the birthday person has to kiss the angel’s bare butt.  He thought I was serious and went ahead and did it….then I confessed that I had been joking.  But, thus, tradition was born and Seth has dutifully kissed butt yet again.

We aren’t big on tangible gifts which become clutter added to already-overflowing North American houses.  We like to spend time together in each others presence instead.    But Seth did get some tangibles this year…….the box holding his 1 month old baby girl; a box within a box within a box ad nauseum with a little paper sign that said “Happy Birthday Sether” from the kiddos;  and hidden wrapped candies with love notes from his wife.

Dear Seth

If you happen to read this post, we are SOOO glad you are part of our family.  We enjoy your company, your participation in the growth and development and dreaming of our family.  Thank you for investing in the members of our family, for encouraging and building each one up.  You have a big warm heart and so glad you have let us share some of that.

It is obvious that you love our daughter Rauchelle, and you desire to care for and accept her for who she is.  She has found a treasure in You, as you’ve also found a treasure in her.

And thanks for the beautiful Marin, the gorgeous bundle of life we look forward to watching unfold.

We wish you many wonderful years ahead, Seth…. years of wonder and adventure, peace and fulfillment as a man, a husband, a father and a friend.


Love Mom

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