Underwear in Quilts?


I have always had a fascination with quilts.  Textures.  Fabrics.  Patterns.  Stories.  Warmth.  Quilting Bees.  Heirlooms.  Recycled clothing.

I fondly remember the quilts of my childhood that were crazy quilts with dad’s old ties, mom’s and my dresses, my brothers plaid shirts.

I collected fabrics over the years and finally got around to machine quilting with them back about 12+ years ago.  I thought it would be nice to have a quilt cover for a scratchy wool blanket we had.   Probably shouldn’t have used old denim for that cover as it ended up being very heavy and awkward handling it at the sewing machine, and lots of people don’t like the heaviness of the finished product, but it has become a prized possession with our family, because of a story that goes along with it.  Stories is what makes many ordinary things extra-ordinaire.

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While in the midst of sewing this heavy quilt, friends of mine threw me a Surprise Baby Shower for our 5th born.  Of course, since it was a surprise, my quilt was lying around, and my husband, children and I were in the midst of playing a practical joke back and forth with one another.  I know it sounds strange, but years previous my Mother had started a similar practical joke when she was helping folding our family’s laundry.  Finding a pair of my dh’s underwear holey and past what she deemed was a reasonable expiry date, she hung his clean underwear up from a picture frame in our living room for all of us to see, and dh to discover.  Over time we had continued moving those holey underwear around, getting a chuckle whenever we discovered it again in some odd place.

Eventually we lost those red underwear, but they got replaced with another pair.

And the morning of the Surprise Baby Shower, unbeknownst to me, they were tucked inside the top of the coffee maker!  So when my girlfriends mother-in-law went to make coffee for the guests she was absolutely Shocked!! to find a pair of underwear in there.  I had some quick explaining to do, and the story got around the living room of ladies like lightening.  I was red faced, but it certainly made for a memorable party!

One of my friends had the great idea of incorporating the underwear somehow in the quilt, and thus, part of the waistband is peeking out of the pocket of jeans.




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