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Introducing: Our first grandchild, born this week.

A girl with eyes that melted this Gramma’s heart the first time she looked up at me.  Pudgy cheeks; long slender fingers with overgrown nails; eyebrows that are there but aren’t because they are so fair; the startled reflex that makes me jump, too.  That newborn cry at God-forsaken hours when all the household ought to be sleeping….still a precious sound to me.  The sucking on her finger, finding contentment while Daddy paces so Mommy gets some Zzzzz’s. The fine hairs on her forehead.  The button nose.

So new I’ve only just begun to explore her beauty.  

So much more that time will reveal.


2 thoughts on “Newest Member

    • Of course I remember you, Janie. I have thought of you often, and don’t remember actually what the conversation was exactly pertaining to, but Danny was of topic recently 😉 Trust all is well with you. Would love to reconnect.

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