Pizza in Cast Iron

Delicious, it was!  Eating pizza with a fork, digging it out mouthful by mouthful made Layne’s and my supper a unique experience.  A do-again.  The children’s pizza was made on a cookie sheet and was sliced into squares, but since we like other veggie toppings we devoted the cast iron frying pan as the Adult’s Pizza.

This is a gluten-free pizza crust made from cauliflower, egg and mozzarella cheese with spices.  We’ve made this kind of recipe before, but I prefer not to steam the cauliflower (& would never microwave, as many of the recipes suggest) to begin with so I quite enjoyed this particular simple recipe. 

I think I’ll try adding some almond meal as per the recipes in the links below.  The kids are always willing to try out a new pizza recipe!!!

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